Keyword Reaserch

After spending so much time and attention on your site,
the whole traffic goes to your competitors?
Ahm……. No wonder………

The secret of the whole internet  is simply correlation between searched text and your site, that simple ! 
It will increase your site’s traffic and sales, getting to the right audience that want’s you.

“Keywords Research” is all about finding the precise words, matching  searching your site.

Define the accurate Keywords of your business,
and it will bring  you quality traffic and high engagements, increasing your digital rating. 


Be sure your competitors already did their Keyword Research!

How do I know?

Cause of their strong traffic, with little abandoning,
and improving  engagements.

The “Keyword Research” includes the most relevant text terms of your business,
even mistaken ones, including the ones in use by your competitor’s.

It’s worthwhile: The “Key Word Research” will lead your audience to you,
searching the exact phrases, most relevant to your business.



Without knowing the correct Keywords of your business, every search activity will miss your site.

And your costumers ?
They certainly will get to ……..your competitors!

Obviously their site is based on the right keywords, to be located ahead of you.

You also wanna have it?

No one like you knows your costumers better.

By your guidelines, I can find the correct key words, to help clients find you.

How does Keyword Research gonn’a launch your business ahead?

Very Simple: This research is like a GPS, like a bee bee-24638finding exactly the right flower.
Wann’a lead visitors straight to your website?
Discover exactly the relevant Keywords that will do so.

What does the Keyword Research include?

It’s a report is concentrated in the most 50 used text terms that fits your business.

Together we will choose the most appropriate terms to your site.



What does the Keyword Research Report includes?

It includes the most useful 50 words / phrases relevant to your business.
The selected items would be the most useful to your business, to fit all the relevant searches.
This will serve you as a basis for your site builder to implement those exact words and phrases, so Google may find you quickly.