Structure Optimization Report:

1-2-3 Optimized Structure Report is designed to find failures on your site, that prevents Google from reading and indexing it.
How will it help you? 

Your website does not appear high on Google’s search result pages? wann’a know why? 
1-2-3 Optimization Report will point exactly where the blocks and barriers are on your site.
This report is like a first aid to your site, gives you immediate Examination of the failures that prevent Google from accessing your Site to have it indexed.

Like a corkscrew – it will point out exactly where to repair, to become Readable and accessible to Google, or any search engine!

The formula is simple: If the site is properly decoded, it will appear High in the search results pages.

It’s worthwhile: this report will give you a review of the immediate blocks road on your site, pointing out what needs to repair in the HTML structure and code.
By that, search engines can visit and read your site without any barriers.

This speedy report will indicate and analyze the right places that needs to improve, to be seen high on the search results pages.
If you want to stand out and be liked by Google, your site should speak it’s language, the Google language

So how will this report assist you?

Google will be able to read and index your site easily

It will improve your site’s location on the search result page

It will improve your visibility on the net

It will increase the website traffic 


What is included in 1-2-3 Optimization Report?

Testing website’s speed

Checking  simple navigating on the site – organized information methodology and user experience on the site

Snapshot on Links – broken links (that leads to nowhere), outside links, quality links, bad links

Site’s appearance on Google’s last visit

Sensible divided categories

List of unread files by Google – CSS, JAVA, animation, flash, images

H tags – checking right density

Duplicated content and alternative ideas

Traffic Check