I know where I can lead your business – but do you know where you wann’a be?

When was the last time you wrote something new on your site?
Was it long time ago?

Every business must have updated cycles: a business campaign/
new product/ low traffic/new Content Writer?


Excelent Content is part of the website maintenance: preparing your site to Google’s visit.  (Yeh, Google’s coming to sniff around all the time, to see what’s new).

Imagine your costumer – do you understand his distress?
His needs?

Content wing is all about increasing your sales pipeline by pointing exactly to your natural audience by marketing content. Simply being relevant to your audience with interesting content, telling the story of your business, having your personal story presented well.
I present you the solution: Content Marketing!
By Lively stimulating writing, precisely pointed to your costumer needs, to activate the buying reflex, Cause only by selling content marketing, well written, you can attract visitors to your site to become costumers.


Content Wing is offering you professional content writing customized by needs:

Writing on a Monthly basis
Writing specific by demand
Refresh your site’s content
Mighty Five – writing the 5 most important site pages you choose
Personal / business BLOG (if you haven’t got one, now is the time)

Writing on a Monthly basis  

Every business has an updating cycle of the main site pages, to make sure the site is interesting enough to sticcostumers will show.
Google values and rewards fresh and quality content, with high rate of traffic, and lots of creativity.
I’m offering you professional content marketing writing, to increase selling, to give your site a convincing vibrant voice, to make your site interesting, all customized by your demand & needs.   

Writing specific by demand

When was the last time you updated your site pages?
Sometimes all that is required is a single article / post, to give your site a vibrant boost. 
I’m offering you Content Marketing Writing, or simply an interesting writing, perhaps giving your site a personal voice.

Refresh your site’s content

Wann’a have an oxygen injection to your site?
Having your site refreshed and refurnished, to be an updated site and attractive. You don’t wann’a have anyone bored do ya?

Personal / business BLOG (if you haven’t got one, now is the time)

Having a blog allows you to be less official, more comfortable writing, show personal examples from your own experience. It’s a valuable marketing tool you can’t afford not having it to your business. So if you haven’t got one, now is the time, cause having a Blog stimulates your product, having your site more interesting, inspires trust – cause visitors, and Google get bored sometimes…..

This is the -BUZ!

I know where I can take your business
Do you know where you want to go?

Yes, I want to write like this to my site